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【Intel 成都实习】Software Intern

【Intel 成都实习】Software Intern


Job description:
The Manufacturing Supply Chain and Operations (MSO) Automation team is looking for a highly motivated software intern with good programming skills to develop of Data Analytics software solutions for Assembly and Test Manufacturing. You will be responsible for engaging with customers and driving product development from ideation to deployment and beyond. This position is a technical role that requires the direct design and development of robust, scalable, performant software systems for world-class Assembly/Package and Test manufacturing data analysis, together with supporting collaterals such as unit tests and build automation pipelines.

Y2024 graduates with major in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or a related field with strong software programming experience
Willing to commit at least 6 months of internship, 3-4 days per week.
Desire to work collaboratively with your teammates to come up with the best solution to a problem.
Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills.
Strong desire to learn and share knowledge with others.

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